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A long and beautiful beard is an object of admiration for women and a genuine pride for men.

It is not enough to grow it — you also need to know how to care for a beard and mustache. Fortunately, this can be done at home today thanks to various tools, combs, and brushes. How exactly - find out today!

Where to begin? First of all, with proper washing. Long hair attracts dust, dirt, food particles, and more. And therefore, you need to wash it thoroughly about once every three days, especially the root area. This will help you with special shampoos or refreshing facial gels, which also do an excellent job of removing various impurities from the beard.

As for combing, an essential stage of care, you can use combs or brushes with natural bristles. These tools will help not only to shape the hair but also to distribute oils and creams evenly along the entire length. In addition, they also perform a massage effect, stimulating blood circulation.

An obligatory process of caring for a beard is its haircut. You can use scissors or a straight razor for this. The trimmer is great for shaping. However, it is best to cut dry hair. In addition, in this state, they are stretched, which makes it difficult to determine the final length of the hair. Therefore, use all the tools presented, as scissors work well in some places. And in others — a trimmer. The presence of various nozzles for the latter will only be a plus.

What about cutting? It is recommended to start from the temples and go down to the chin. It is vital to maintain symmetry so that everything looks even and the hair grows evenly. If you can't cope with the task, a haircut can be entrusted to barbers in specialized establishments.

Facial hair care involves not only washing and cutting but also the use of a variety of products. Creams, oils, and shampoos can remove irritation, enhance growth, nourish hair with valuable vitamins, and eliminate dryness. In the arsenal of every man planning to grow a beard, there should be the following tools:

  • For cleansing. Special shampoos and soaps that remove dirt and bacteria are suitable. You can also use Wilder's Prime Face Wash;
  • For modeling. Mustache wax, beard balms, or pomades can be used to shape the hair;
  • For moisturizing. Beard oil or lotions for face and beard skin, Wilder's Prime Moisturizing Lotion removes dryness, nourishes the skin under the beard, and prevents brittle hairs and skin irritation.



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