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By Main Expert

There are only 2 universal secrets ideal for men whose goal is to at least visually look 10 years younger despite the gray hair already breaking through and wrinkles appearing.

Secret 1: Proper Skincare

Moisturizing and nourishing the skin is necessary not only for women. In the male body, the same processes occur with age — cell metabolism slows down, moisture is retained worse, the skin becomes drier, and wrinkles appear. Therefore, it is worth using moisturizers, especially after 45 years. There are both night and day complexes. The maximum effect is achieved if you use both. But it is more important to moisturize the skin before going to bed because it is at night that it dries the most.

Particular attention should be paid to the area around the eyes, where the skin is the thinnest and age-related changes are most noticeable. In addition, it is worth using special creams to help eliminate swelling and bruising under the eyes and significantly reduce the effect of "crow's feet."

Secret 2: Haircare & Hairstyle

You should only chase the latest fashion trends a little. Nothing ages a man like an overly youthful style. The best hairstyle is the one that suits you. Classics are always in fashion too. 

The secret is to look younger. First, it is worth getting rid of excess vegetation. With age, many men develop hair in the nose and ears. It would be best if you took care of their absence. In addition, you should not wear a long beard or lush mustache. This will only add to your years. 

Short haircuts also help you look younger, and gray hair is less noticeable with them. If you prefer long hair, the main secret is to choose the proper care: Wilder's Prime shampoos, conditioners, and fixatives will help you with this! Particular attention should be paid to the eyebrows; overgrown, thick eyebrows look unaesthetic and confidently add five years to you. Plucking them zealously and trimming them a little with scissors is unnecessary. You can do it yourself or contact a professional.

Also, we cannot but emphasize that self-love and confidence are the third and most important secrets. Stay confident, and the whole world will be at your feet!



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