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To be attractive, you need to take care of yourself. Yes, and men too! This applies to everything: body, face, hands, and skin. Today we will talk about secrets specifically for hair. They will help ensure competent hair care at home. But before you run and buy cosmetics, you must learn how to use them. So here are some expert tips!

  1. Proper shampooing

You need to wash the hair on your head as it gets dirty. Those with oily hair should wash their hair daily. We recommend using Wilder's Prime Thickening Shampoo for all hair types for daily washing. Such a gentle composition can be used every day. Do not use hot water when washing your hair — it damages the hair, loses its shade, and falls out. Instead, rinse your head with cool or warm water.

  1. Deep conditioning

You also need to try to keep the hair looking after washing. To avoid hair problems, we recommend a moisturizing, nourishing mask to strengthen hair 1–2 times a week. After such compositions, the hair will become smooth, silky, and easier to comb, just like in the ad.

  1. Gentle combing

You need to brush carefully. This is especially true for men with thin and/or long hair. Do not comb wet strands — it is effortless to damage them. We advise you not to pull tangled hair but gently unravel it. And in general, to have fewer such problems, you need to use a professional hair conditioner. 


  1. Harmless styling

For modeling hairstyles, choosing professional hair cosmetics — suitable branded hair wax, tonic, gel, and cream is better. In addition, we recommend Wilder's Prime Hair Pomade or Sea Salt Spray. When creating hairstyles, we advise using a hair dryer, irons, and curling irons as little as possible. They overheat the strands, which is very harmful and damages the hair's structure.

  1. Regular haircut

We recommend cutting the hair short once every 2–3 months for the hair to grow well. It is better to do this alone and with a hairdresser. Thanks to this procedure, the strands will grow back better, smoother, and have a healthy shine. In addition, haircuts help to change the image. With a fashionable hairstyle, you will always be in trend. But do not overdo it — hair also needs a chill.




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